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Dying Light Parkour

by 22 days ago. Contribute

Inspired by the action survival game Dying Light, Ampisound puts you in the POV of a runner making a frantic escape from zombies through the rooftops of Cambridge, UK.

Ampisound via Reddit

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It’s Limbo Time!

by 23 days ago. Contribute

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought a prank video was amusing…

NRK Humor

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Jimmy Fallon Finds Out He Blew It With Nicole Kidman

by 24 days ago. Contribute

This makes me feel better about any awkward encounter I may have ever had with a woman.

The Tonight Show

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Here’s Bill Gates Drinking Water That Was Poop 5 Minutes Before

by 25 days ago. Contribute

Bill Gates puts his money where his mouth is by drinking a glass of water from the Janicki Omniprocessor, a brilliant device developed by Janicki Bioenergy and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that turns human waste into drinking water, electricity, and pathogen-free ash.

He calls it “sewer sludge” but we all know that’s just fancy talk for “doo doo baby.”

The Gates Notes via Laughing Squid

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The 10,000 Ft. Proposal

by 25 days ago. Contribute

Skydiver Brandon Strohbehn proposes to his girlfriend 10,000 ft. above San Diego.


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The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

by 25 days ago. Contribute

Pulling from Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, the folks at Podio have created an interactive breakdown of how famous artists, writers and musicians structured their day.

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No One Punks Park Patrons Like Gaston

by 27 days ago. Contribute

Vertical videographer Blake Platt challenges Gaston to a push-up contest…

Blake Platt via Reddit

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Drunk History: Sam and Hannah

by 28 days ago. Contribute

“To celebrate their upcoming wedding, Hannah Datz and Sam Scavuzzo (with major help/work from Dan Angelucci) produced a Drunk History video of how they met. Frank Farrell, Sara Brennan and Kory Patrick Sammond tell the tale and people reenact it.”


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The Little Nordics

by 28 days ago. Contribute

A quick, tiny tour of Norway and Iceland.

There are numerous time lapse videos of Iceland and Norway showing the beauty of their remote landscapes. But when you’re in the mountains, looking down, you see so many things happening. Especially in places like Geiranger (Norway) where ferries are sailing back and forth through the fjords, kayak cruises arriving and departing and cars crawling up and down the steep roads. I wanted to portray this like you are watching an ants hill, which gives such a funny perspective on things.

Damp Design

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