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The Legend of Ball Handles

by 1 month, 8 days ago Contribute

Nike commercials have gotten weird.

David So Comedy

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Rufus: The Anti-Pigeon Wimbledon Hawk

by 1 month, 9 days ago Contribute

Rufus the Harris Hawk has been keeping pigeons from the grounds of Wimbledon since 2000. His handler, Imogen, is currently doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

Stella Artois via Reddit

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Realistic Garfield

by 1 month, 13 days ago Contribute

Jon Arbuckle probably shouldn’t have pets…

Pete Holmes

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Chappelle’s Show: The 50 Million Dollar Question

by 1 month, 16 days ago Contribute

A fantastic fan-made documentary chronicling the rise and demise of Chappelle’s Show, told through interviews by the show’s creators, Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan.

Mischief Makers via The Awesomer

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“Cuz My Life Is Dope, and I Do Dope Shit.”

by 1 month, 16 days ago Contribute

Dave Chappelle recounts his first time meeting Kanye West.

The Tonight Show

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Samurai Soccer In Brazil

by 1 month, 20 days ago Contribute

Street Style champion Kotaro Tokuda shows off some fancy footwork in Brazil.

CupNoodle via Reddit

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