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Jon Snow: King in the North (3:07)

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A fantastic tribute to the man who knows nothing.


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Royce 5’9″ Ft. Pusha T & Rick Ross – Layers (Video) (4:32)

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Royce drops a visual for the titular track from his latest album.

Layers is available now.


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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Impressions (2:43)

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Scheiffer Bates is here to abate your Game of Thrones withdrawals with some spot-on impressions.

Scheiffer Bates

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John Oliver (4:50) & Samantha Bee (6:57): Brexit

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John Oliver and Samantha Bee discuss the Brexit decision.

Last Week Tonight | Full Frontal

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How Snapchat Filters Work (5:08)

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Here’s how Snapchat is making every girl you know lick the air in front of their phones.


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Irish Fans are Winning Euro 2016

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Say what you will about the Irish, but their fans are some of the most entertaining drunks on the planet. 6 examples below:

1. Irish fans sing lullabies to a French baby on a Bordeaux train.

2. Hundreds of Irish fans serenade French lifeguard Carla Roméra. She awards one of them with a kiss.

3. Irish fans in Paris sing to an older gentleman watching the crowd from his balcony.

4. Irish fans dent the roof of a French car, give the owner money for repairs, then work together to fix the dent themselves.

5. Irish fans chant “Go home to your sexy wives!” to Swedish fans prior to the Ireland/Sweden tie.

6. Other Irish and Swedish fans combine forces to sing Abba’s “Dancing Queen.”

Ireland plays Italy today.

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DJ Earworm – Summermash ’16 (Video) (4:01)

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DJ Earworm returns with his annual summer mashup.

DJ Earworm via UPROXX

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T. Rex Ninja Warrior (3:01)

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This could easily become my new favorite show.

American Ninja Warrior

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Lil Dicky Ft. Brendon Urie – Molly (Video) (5:37)

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LD takes us on a feels trip in the latest video from Professional Rapper.

Lil Dicky | Previously: $ave Dat Money

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