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Robin Williams (1951-2014)

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Conan O’Brien breaks the news to his live audience below.

Image: Disney Movie Rewards via Reddit

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How Last Season’s The Walking Dead Finale Should Have Ended

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It’s the zombie apocalypse, Rick. You’re allowed to curse.

YPSS via The Mary Sue

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Chris Pratt’s “Forgot About Dre” Performance With The Actual Music

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Yesterday, Chris Pratt revealed on DJ Whoo Kid that back in the day he listened to The Chronic 2001 every day while smoking weed and living in a van in Maui, and proved it by performing Eminem’s verse from “Forgot About Dre.”

Today, Redditor/YouTuber TreyTech threw the actual music over the performance.


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The Worst Pain Known To Man

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Hamish tries his…hand… at an Amazon tribe’s coming-of-age ritual: Bullet Ant gloves. The Bullet Ant’s sting is the highest on The Schmidt Sting Pain Index, resulting in the worst pain a human is capable of experiencing.

Hamish & Andy via Reddit

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Marvel Studios: A Retrospective

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With Guardians of the Galaxy smashing August box office records, Marvel looks back at its impressive cinematic history.

Marvel UK via Devour

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John Oliver On Native Advertising

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“Ads are baked into content like chocolate chips into a cookie, except it’s actually more like raisins into a cookie because no one fucking wants them there.”

Last Week Tonight

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Amazing 3-Year-Old Drummer Performs With A Full Orchestra, Caps It Off With A Drum Solo

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3-year-old Lyonya Shilovsky performs the Galop Infernal (the “Can-Can”) from Act 2, Scene 2 of Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld with the Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra.

via 22 Words

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DMX Rides Orlando’s Sling Shot Ride

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It’s dark and rides are scary.

Don’t worry. There’s already a remix.

via Reddit

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The Samuel L. Jackson “Motherfucker” Supercut

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Lonnng overdue. Thanks Oliver.

Huff Post

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