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Where The Unicorns Went

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A sound explanation from Canal+

BETC Paris

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Watch This Dog Lose His Shit While Watching The Australian Open and Feel Better About Today

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Georges the Golden Retriever loves The Australian Open. Annie the Golden Retriever doesn’t.

Bearaids via BroBible

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Jodeci – Every Moment (Audio)

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The second release from the group’s comeback, 18 years in the making.

JodeciVEVO via The Smoking Section

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The Whoa-oo-oh Supercut

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A testament to the creativity in modern Pop song lyrics.

Cutting Room via Tastefully Offensive

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Coffee Break

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British GQ Profiles “Instagram King” Dan Bilizerian

Koch Brothers’ Budget of $889 Million for 2016 Is on Par With Both Parties’ Spending

Can the U.S. Ever Fix Its Messed-Up Maternity Leave System?

This Guy’s Tinder Date Told Him To Write A 7 Page Essay Explaining Why His Penis Is “Worthy”: Here Is That Essay

6 Tiny Mistakes That Changed The Course of History

Ask Reddit: Reddit, what are you afraid of Other redditors, why shouldn’t they be afraid of it?

If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair (Gallery)

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Louis C.K.: Live At The Comedy Store (Preview)

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Louis C.K.’s new stand-up special is available here for $5.

“I developed and prepared this material over the last year or so, mostly in comedy clubs. This special kind of goes back to when I used to just make noises and be funny for no particular reason. It felt right to shoot this special in a club to give it that live immediate intimate feeling. The show is about an hour long. The opening act, who is seen at the beginning (good place for an opening act) is Jay London. One of my favorite club comics going way back to the late 80s when I first started in working in New York. I hope you like it.”

Louis C.K.

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Coffee Around The World

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How people around the globe get their fix.

BuzzFeed Blue

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