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A Tampon Commercial Made By Men

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“Men know things!”

Hammerkatz Nyu via BroBible

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People Are Awesome 2014

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Another year, another compilation of people that are better at stuff than you are.

People Are Awesome

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Guy Named Aladdin Fakes A Sword Dance On The Morning News

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“I volunteered to be the student for a sword dancing lesson on a Fox Morning Show. When we entered the studio, there was no communication, and the hosts just threw to music. Here, I am, shirtless, in a turban, making up a dance on live TV. I have never belly danced before.” – Aladdin Lee Grant Rutledge Collar

via Reddit

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Google: Year In Search 2014

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Google recaps the year with their annual video.


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J.Cole – Be Free (Live on Letterman)

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J.Cole gives an impassioned performance of his response to the Michael Brown shooting, adding a verse that takes a critical, yet understanding, view of President Obama’s time in office.

Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which does not include this track, is available now.


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Lil Dicky – White Crime (Video)

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Not safe for work (white crimes).


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Submarine Sandwich by PES

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The latest stop-motion short from the Academy Award-nominee.

PES | Previously: Fresh Guacamole

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