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It’s Coming…

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Next week. A million thanks yet again to Timothy (TINT) McAuliffe.
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Back on Sunday. Twitter
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The High Definite Turns 3 Years Old Today; Is On Vacation

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As of today, I've spent the last 3 years browsing the web and serving up the best I felt it had to offer with the goal of entertaining you for 5-minutes on a daily basis. I sincerely hope I've succeeded with at least a few of you in this endeavor. There are a lot of people that helped make this possible and I will write up a mushy "thank you" post as soon as I'm back in San Diego (hopefully in conjunction with the release of our new mixtape, High & Tight). At a minimum, I'd like to thank those of you that have been reading this site since its modest inception. In the meantime, I will be in Maui for the next week so The High Definite will be in vacation mode. Posts will be light but there will be posts. I will be sending updates on HighDef's Twitter account when new posts are available, so if you're not following that, then you're a step behind other people that make better choices than you. I will also be posting random shit from the trip on that account. I can't imagine a better group of readers. Thank you for your continued support. -Ends
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Del Mar Opening Day

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No more posts today. Going to watch ponies and ladies with large, elaborate hats.
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Commissioning A Video: Christopher Walken Reads “Go The F**k To Sleep”

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I don't usually do this, but sometimes a video just needs to be made. Recently, videos of Samuel L. Jackson and Werner Herzog reading "Go The Fuck To Sleep" have been making their rounds, and they're just as fantastic as you'd expect them to be. However, considering the number of people out there that do Christopher Walken impressions, I'm a little surprised and disappointed that not a single Christopher Walken parody has made its way online yet. So, if you make it, I'll post it. Christopher Walken reads Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" after the jump: Read more...
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Sleeping Giant Music Celebrates 7 Years

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The exceptional gentlemen behind all of The High Definite's hip-hop mixes are celebrating 7 years of making wasted people enjoy themselves in San Diego. There's going to be a celebration tonight at Fluxx in their honor, so if you want to join in the fun, go to their website. Congrats guys.
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HI Definite

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Heading to Oahu for the week. Posts will be pretty light until next Saturday. Any new posts until then will be below this post.
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The High Definite x W.Steele: Bombs Away

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Yeah buddy. Our latest mix, Bombs Away, is a continuation of our tribute to what we feel is the best hip-hop the 90's had to offer. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Download: Megaupload CREDITS: Audio: W.Steele | SGM Absolutely went to work on this one. Bravo. Artwork: Timothy (TINT) McAuliffe Somehow found the time to create two great covers to choose from. More of his stuff can be found here. I can't thank you enough for your help on this, and I'd also like to thank to Profile (formerly of The Sound Providers) for the intro. Tracklist after the jump.  We'll have the mix streaming on the Apps sometime today as well. Enjoy. Read more...
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Site News: Mobile App/Facebook/Twitter

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Issue With The Mobile App & How To Fix It: First, if you've downloaded The High Definite's mobile app through the App Store or the Android Market, you're awesome, and I can't thank you enough for doing so.  I've gotten some e-mails from people saying the app wasn't updating, and this is due to some server issues we had during the transition.  Each of those e-mails were resolved by the individual doing a reinstall or updating to the newest version.  So, if you have the app and are having the same problem, that should fix it.  If it doesn't, e-mail me directly at endswell AT thehighdefinite DOT com and I will personally see to it that we fix whatever problems you're having. Second, my goal is to provide a product that you will find useful and enjoy (both on the mobile apps and the site in general), so if you have any feedback whatsoever (good or bad), please e-mail me at the same address and I will do what I can to make those changes. Facebook & Twitter The High Definite's Facebook page and Twitter account aren't just RSS feeds of the site. I update the Facebook page with a whole slew of images that I don't post on the site, and the Twitter account is a mixed bag of randomness, so if you feel so inclined, go check them out. Thanks for reading. Pic via
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The Doghouse Diaries Related: I'll be joining Brandon Mendelson for his Thingasaur podcast this Thursday at 1:30 PM EST. So, if you've ever been like, "I wonder what this asshole sounds like"...here's your chance to find out.
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