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“Hate Black People, But I’m Not Racist…So…”

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Tumblr...(er?) The Name Is Alex (which has been taken over and turned into an anti-racism blog of sorts) posted this video over the weekend, and was quickly judged not only by the color of her skin but the content of her post. Headphones. She has since issued an apology which, surprisingly, didn't fix everything.
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That’s Racist, Marilyn Davenport.

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Orange County Republican Party central committee member and Tea Party activist Marilyn Davenport sent the above photo along with the caption “Now you know why no birth certificate.” in a "joke e-mail". The "I have black friends"(no she doesn't) defense was immediately used. Story here.

Eva Braun As Al Jolson In Blackface

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From a LIFE gallery of Eva Braun's private photos.
This 1937 photo of Braun was titled "Me as Al Jolson" and depicts her in blackface as the American actor and singer in his role in The Jazz Singer. Braun was a fan of American movies, including Gone with the Wind.
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