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The Nike ShoeZeum

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Longtime sneaker aficionado Jordan Geller walks you through his ShoeZeum, a 9,000 square-foot Nike shoe sanctuary that features over 2,000 pairs of Nike shoes, including some gems you won't find anywhere else.
Ten years ago I started selling shoes on eBay when I stumbled upon a bunch of vintage Nikes at a local swap meet. I emptied out my checking account (a whopping $300) and bought as many pairs as I could afford. I rushed home to my one-bedroom-apartment and listed the shoes on eBay. Week after week, I went back to the swap meet and bought more Nikes. Eventually, the swap meet vendor disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. So I had to figure out where I was going to get my inventory of Nikes from. Over the years, I have bought and sold hundreds of thousands of Nike Shoes. My business grew from a one-bedroom-apartment, into a two-bedroom-apartment, into a storage locker, into eight storage lockers, and eventually into the warehouse where I am presently. I decided that the best use of my giant warehouse and my profits that I have worked so hard for, was to build the most comprehensive collection of Nike shoes and put them on display for the world to enjoy.
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Adidas ZX380 OG “Ice Grey”

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mmhm. Available here. | Via
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On The Street

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Intel Visual Life: The Sartorialist

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Intel's Visual Life series featured Scott Schumann from The Sartorialist last month.  I'm a long time reader of the site and it's always interesting to see how normal people dress in different areas of the world.  In this video, Scott speaks on his methodology and how he's honed his ability to cater to his 70,000 daily readers. The Sartorialist | Via

Bobby Hundreds & Jim Davis: Adam Bomb Meets Garfield

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Hypebeast put this video together on the recent The Hundreds x Garfield collaboration and art show, including interviews with The Hundreds co-founder/Creative Director Bobby Hundreds and Garfield creator Jim Davis. Hypebeast | Via

3sixteen x Cool Hunting: Vintage Ties

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Cool Hunting has been teaming up with different brands to create CH editions of various products.  The latest is a vintage necktie offering with 7-year-old clothier 3sixteen. From Cool Hunting:
For Cool Hunting, 3sixteen created a series of locally-sourced wool ties in patterns we chose along with (Adrien) Chen. Made in one of the few remaining factories in Manhattan's Garment District, the fabrics range from sharp plaids to rich solids with subtle textures woven in. We particularly dig their versatility, adding sophistication to casual ensembles and keeping more dignified looks from appearing stuffy.
Available for $80 at Cool Hunting's online shop.

Garfield x The Hundreds

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To celebrate the new The Hundreds x Garfield collection, Jim Davis incorporated The Hundreds' mascot Adam Bomb into a strip, drawn in the classic Garfield style from the '80s. See the full collection and an interview discussing the collaboration here.
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Extras: The Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

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Ralph Lauren does some pretty amazing projection mapping on their women's flagship store. Other videos making their way around the web: Ilya Kovalcuk, the Buffalo Sabres' new 100-million-dollar man whiffing a shootout attempt. The trailer for a live-action version of Nickelodeon's Doug. The baby jamming out to Florence and the Machine. Steve Carell's Anchorman audition tape. The "A Life On Facebook" video that draws a correlation of trips to Vegas and the end of relationships. Video: Ralph Lauren | Via
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Nike Sportswear: AFE AS Varsity Jacket

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The varsity jacket/pea coat mashup from this season's NSW Athletics Far East Collection, once available only in Japan, is now available at all Nike Sportswear stockists. Via
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Outlier: Liberated Wool Peacoat

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Outlier's tailored peacoat combines form, fit, and function for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons.  The story:
A classic wool peacoat reengineered for a life of freedom. We've always loved vintage navy peacoats, there is nothing better for walking around town on a cold wet winter morning. Problem is the traditional fabric is so constrictive you can barely reach a subway staphanger, let alone get comfortable riding your bike in one. The Liberated Wool Peacoat keeps the classic peacoat aesthetics but uses an innovative cut and a 2.5 layer wool softshell fabric to create a cool weather jacket fit for motion and comfort.
Get one here. ($575) | Via
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