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BLUSTOP | Waterwork

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NONSTOP & Bluprint take on “Fall In Love” by Knight Riderz and Kahtja.


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Smoking Weed with the President of Uruguay

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VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu heads to Uruguay to see how the country is adjusting to a legally regulated marijuana market.

Along the way, he meets up with Uruguay’s president, José Mujica, to burn one down and talk about the president’s goal of a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, and six cannabis plants per household.


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TMNT Style

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A TMNT-inspired fight scene by Epic Rival.

RivenX3i via Reddit

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Brian Williams Raps “Gin and Juice”

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The video editor over at The Tonight Show that does these isn’t getting paid enough.

Jimmy Fallon

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AT&True Detective

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Impressionist Ross Marquand casts Rust Cohle in one of AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” ads.

Ross Marquand

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Nick Cannon Gets Booed Throughout America’s Got Talent Promo At MSG

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Chappelle would be pleased.

Also, this video exists, and isn’t a parody of Nick Cannon. It’s really him. On purpose.

via Reddit

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Mike Tyson: Street Fighter

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Mike Tyson highlights get the M.Bison/Balrog sound effects they deserve.


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Sir Anthony Hopkins – And The Waltz Goes On

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On November 7, 1964, Sir Anthony Hopkins composed a waltz in the green room of the Liverpool Playhouse. In the video above, he hears it performed for the first time in public by world-renowned violinist and conductor André Rieu at the Belvedere.

André Rieu via Reddit

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House of Thrones

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FU breaks fourth walls throughout Westeros in a cleverly disguised commercial by Quiznos.

QuiznosToaster via NIS

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