Random TV Review: South Park - The China Probrem

9 10 2008

Oh herro prease...

Oh man… thank God South Park’s back.  With the disasters that are going on in this country (not just the economy and actual social injustices, but reality TV, contest TV, bullshit that the networks think we’ll like because they assume we’re retarded TV), its refreshing to laugh at something that’s actually funny and well done again.

Last night’s episode arrived as a surprise to me.  Most of the time I’m on top of new South Park schedules, but with their “half a season in different parts of the year” format, I’ve lost track.  When I saw that a new episode was on, I was elated, and the title alone made me laugh. Besides the Office (so far) and Entourage (just starting to turn around), TV has been pretty abysmal, but I knew South Park would be the beacon on the hill in these turbulent times of mediocre and subpar programming.

I was not let down.  There were two sub-plots, predictably so.  The primary plot being Cartman’s paranoia of a Chinese invasion stemming from his viewing the 2008 Olympic opening ceremonies in Beijing.  Deciding to take a stand, he recruits the easily-recruitable Butters to embark on a campaign of disrupting the Chinese invasion plans.  Disguised as Chinese peopre, they infiltrate a PF Changs in their neighborhood in the hopes of getting one of the Chinese, or one of the American “turncoats” in the establishment, to reveal their infiltration plans.  I’m going to go ahead and say this, Cartman’s Chinese impression was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.  As an asian-american, I can honestly say I laughed my ass off.  Sure it was insensitve and to call it racist is an understatement, but I’ve laughed at every joke they’ve pulled on any religion, race, political view, and physical disparity they’ve presented, I won’t stop now.

The subplot has the entire town coping with the fact that they saw a near and dear friend of theirs getting raped and they couldn’t do anything about it.  The dramatic sequences come to a head when it’s revealed that the friend was Indiana Jones getting raped by Spielberg and Lucas in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Although the rape scenes were pretty graphic, the undertone that Parker and Stone have not gotten over how bad that movie was is definitely driven home.

The episode was good, a great comeback for a great show.  It’s up on Comedy Central and various other streaming sites if you want to check it out.  Trust me, its probably some of the best television you’ve seen in a while.



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