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Coffee Break

October 30th, 2008 Endswell 1 comment

Why am I in water? What the fuck is that?

The 8 Most Ridiculous Viral Videos Of The 08 Election - [Cracked]

9 People That Kill The Mood During Sex - [Holy Taco]

7 Truly Horrifying, Real-Life Halloween Villains - [NudeCelebrityDeathSUV]

Travel Strategies: Getting The Best Deals For The Holidays - [Readers Digest]

Exxon Mobil: Biggest Profit In U.S. History - [CNN Money]

Huffington Post Writer Stabs Former Lover 220 Times - [Palm Beach Post]

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International Warrant Out For David Caruso Stalker…hmmm

October 29th, 2008 Endswell 1 comment

"I'll have what she's having." YAAAAHHHH

Via Associated Press:

“An Austrian woman accused of stalking “CSI: Miami” star David Caruso is being sought on an international arrest warrant, and officials said Tuesday she could be hiding in Mexico.

The woman allegedly sent more than 100 letters to the American actor, pursued him for an autograph and then sent death threats when he refused to give her one, according to prosecutors in the Austrian province of Tyrol.”

hahahahaha…what?  Like anyone cares about the real life version of Johnny Drama. This is definitely a “let’s get David Caruso back into the public eye” story. There’s no author’s name on this press piece, but I’m gonna guess it was something like “Bavid Baruso”.

Endless David Caruso One Liners after the break… sooo fucking funny.

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Viva La Hova aka ColdJay

October 29th, 2008 Endswell No comments

To be honest, I haven’t heard a “great” Jay-Z album since 9th Wonder went nuts on the Black Album.  This Jay-Z/Coldplay mashup “Viva La Hova” is real nice.  Mick Boogie made a solid effort on this one and its definitely paid off…

I guess this was inevitable when your friends is Chris and Gwyneth

click the picture to download immediately…if you don’t know how to use Zip files you should probably give up on using computers or anything that requires electricity

One of the better tracks after the jump:

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October 29th, 2008 Endswell No comments

Tote, Bag, and Case maker BUILT NY has a very unique, comfortable approach to design.  There’s some really dope shit if you check out their site:

“Headquartered in SOHO (New York), the team draws inspiration from the city and the fashion that surrounds them, applying color and pattern liberally to everything they produce; while being solidly rooted in the tradition of American industrial design. “

Best thing is, all the products are pretty damn cheap.  So they’re great gifts in today’s economy. Some of their products:

Laptop Backpack: $80 (okay this is kind of expensive but how tight is this shit?)

6-Pack Tote (for the CLASSY drunk on the go): $23

More awesomeness after the jump:

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Guns and Roses

October 29th, 2008 Endswell No comments

Justine Smith is aware that cash rules everything around her.  As a result, she made these sculptures using straight cash  She’s a lot better at it than you are.  From her site:

“Paper is a basic material for any artist. However, for Smith, paper itself has become the medium, and the knife that she uses is her pen. Previously well known for using collages of comics on her sculptures and also for her cut paper pieces, she has recently been focusing on making work with money.

On a physical level, a banknote is just a piece of paper, but it is what a banknote actually represents that is central to Smith’s practice.

Her work as an exploration of our relationship with money and our response to it, in a political, moral and social sense, whilst also exploiting the physical beauty of the note.”

I’m just saying… why you gotta make all the violent shit with American money, Justine?

More after the jump:

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Many Employees Break Security Policies To Do Their Jobs

October 29th, 2008 Endswell No comments

Darkreading has an interesting article on corporate security policies and why many employees say they must break the rules to get their jobs done:

“Current IT security policies frequently don’t reflect the reality of how employees use their computers, according to a report published today by Cisco Systems.

The report, a deeper analysis of internal threat data collected by Cisco earlier this year, indicates that many users break their companies’ security policies because following those policies would prevent them from doing their jobs

What this says is that security policymakers need to rethink the way they are developing those policies,” says Marie Hattar, vice president of network systems and security solutions at Cisco. “IT people think that users aren’t following them because they are apathetic or don’t understand the risks. But the users are telling us that the policies aren’t realistic.”

Click the picture for the rest of the article.

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Coffee Break

October 29th, 2008 Endswell No comments

Financial Collapse Inspired Halloween Costumes - [WallStreetFighter]

The Muppet’s Animal Keeps Speeding, Driving Police Crazy - [Gizmodo]

20 Costumes That Will Earn You A Halloween Beating - [Cracked]

MTV Gets Back To Its Roots, Posts Almost Every Music Video Ever - [arstechnica]

21 Condom Ads You Never Saw Coming - [Divine Caroline]

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Bleacher Report Gets Paaaid

October 28th, 2008 Endswell No comments

Bleacher Report just got some new funding from a bunch of rich folks, including Jacob Lodwick, the original webmaster and cofounder of College Humor.  This site’s pretty awesome if you need a new daily to check out sports-wise.  Via TechCrunch:

“Bleacher Report, a community publishing site for amateur sports writers, has raised $3.5 million in Series B funding from Hillsven Capital, Gordon Crawford, and SoftTech VC. Other participants in the round include Jacob Lodwick, founder of College Humor and Vimeo.

The extra cash should help the San Francisco-based company retain its 13 employees during a period of flattening online ad expenditures and layoffs in the startup community left and right. Bleacher Report is in a critical growth period having launched formally just this past February. Traffic has grown from 500,000 to over 2 million unique visitors in the last eight months, according to internal metrics. Co-founder David Finocchio says they’ve attracted about 7,500 writers to date, who collectively publish over 400 articles per day.”

In a totally related story, awesome blog The High Definite had its biggest traffic day ever today.  Thanks, bored worker bees.

15 Funniest Late Night With Conan Moments

October 28th, 2008 Endswell No comments

Manofest put up an awesome video list of the top 15 Funniest Late Night With Conan Moments…definitely worth a look.  The list includes:

#15 Arnold Laughs At Conan’s Physique

#14 The Jar Barf Channel
#13 Max Weinberg Gives Advice On Marriage

#12 The “Inappropriate” Sketch

#11 Conan Goes Horseback Riding With Martha Stewart

#10 Conan & Mr.T Celebrate Fall Foliage Day

#9 Conan Plays Rock Band

#8 Vomiting Kermit & Masturbating Bear

#7 William Shatner’s “Secrets”

#6 Will Ferrell Gives Conan A Birthday Leprechaun Dance

#5 Conan Turns Into The Hulk And Other Classic Moments Montage

#4 In The Year 2000: The Andy Richter Edition

#3 The Best Conan Guest Moments Montage

#2 The Walker Texas Ranger Lever  

#1 Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Poops On Star Wars Nerds

Conan’s speech to the Harvard Class of 2000 after the jump:

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New Study: Men Are Attracted To Women In Red

October 28th, 2008 Endswell No comments

Click For Awesome Photoshoot

“A groundbreaking study by two University of Rochester psychologists to be published online Oct. 28 by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology adds color—literally and figuratively—to the age-old question of what attracts men to women.

Through five psychological experiments, Andrew Elliot, professor of psychology, and Daniela Niesta, post-doctoral researcher, demonstrate that the color red makes men feel more amorous toward women. And men are unaware of the role the color plays in their attraction.”

“Men are unawaare of the role the color plays in their attraction”… like we’re fucking primates.  I bet a woman in a blue dress wrote this shit, and she’s ugly.

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