In regards to the last link on the Coffee Break today.

9:10 AM Jason: dude where did you find that picture?
  on your blog
9:11 AM me: haha umm… don’t remember.. I just have shit tons of funny pictures I’ve collected over the years
  I’ve been seriously collecting them forever
9:12 AM Jason: that is the weirdest picture ever
  it’s seriously creeping me out
 me: the passed out bama boys?
 Jason: what?
 me: which picture
 Jason: with the women
9:13 AM feeding that weird alien thing
 me: I thought you were talking about the coffee break picture today
 Jason: and the people lying on the ground eating jello
 me: ohhhhh
 Jason: what the fuck bro
  it’s so fucking weird
 me: haha yeah its so weird
 Jason: where did you find that?
  i need an explanation
  or else its going to drive menuts
9:14 AM is she feeding it whipped cream
  what the fuck

Hahaha he’s so fucking weirded out.

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