Spelling Bee Kids Are Awkward

25 12 2008

Seeing how the inception of spell check has made the talent of spelling bee kids obsolete (sp? yeah its spelled right, see how that works?)  It could be  said that the only real value they could possibly provide in modern times is one of a comedic nature.  Both in the awkwardness of dealing with fucked up word selections, and the total lack of social graces, which should continue on into their adult lives.  Lets face it.  These kids aren’t out trying to figure out how to pick up chicks or anything.  That’d be awkward.

Former Spelling Bee Kid: Hey, I’m Gunther.  What’s your name?

Not Interested Female: Leslie.

Former Spelling Bee Kid: Leslie…Leslie… can you use it in a sentence?

Not Interested Female: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Former Spelling Bee Kid: No you have to use “Leslie” in the sen- Hello?  Hello? Dumb b-i-t-c-h.

So…here’s 4 videos of some spelling bee kids in the height of awkwardness.

Asshole virgin

Awkward joke kid

Awkward word choice kid

Pass out on TV then get up and get it right kid



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