Faithful readers,

If this adorable picture is enough to warm your heart this morning (seriously, how cute is that shit?) then I’m going to take advantage of your happy state to make a request. 

The High Definite has been going for about 3 months now, with viewership increasing steadily over the course of those months.  However, I’ve never really done a marketing push because I was trying to build content baby… content.  I’ve put a looootttt of shit up over the past couple of months, and I will do a proper marketing campaign once The High Definite v2 is up and running (under development/going to be awesome).  For now, I’m going to try to spread this blog like STDs…virally, son.

My birthday is this Thursday.  So…as a request to all of you that faithfully peruse the endless amounts of awesome shit I spew through this site, I’m going to ask:

If you could spread the news about this site to one person, or show some love within your gchat, facebook, twitter, whatever… I would greatly appreciate it…and me love you long…time?

That is all.

Now back to your regularly scheduled workday.