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That dude from the original 90210 who doesn’t deserve Megan Fox and Megan Fox have broken up, according to a story that appears to be the last glimmer of hope that God still loves America. Via Us Magazine:

“The relationship had run its course,” an insider tells Us exclusively. “It’s completely amicable, and they are remaining friends.”
Fox, 22 (who’ll reprise her role as Mikaela in this June’s sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), and Green, 35 (a regular on Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), now “are both focusing on their careers,” the source adds.

Finally….something to counter these “ecomony is in the shitter” and “war in Gaza” stories we’ve been hearing about a lot lately.  I’d say this about evens things out…and now men everywhere can live happily ever after knowing she’s no longer in the clutches of that d-bag. It’s like Disney’s writing real life now…

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