Diver Fights 12ft. Tiger Shark For 2 Hours, Wins

12 03 2009

Via DailyMail:

“Plunging a knife in again and again, diver Craig Clasen grapples with a 12ft tiger shark to protect a friend.

For two hours he wrestled with the giant, spearing it seven times, even drowning the beast before eventually finishing it off with a knife.

Mr Clasen was hunting yellow fin tuna with fellow fisherman Cameron Kirkconnell, photographer D.J Struntz and film maker Ryan McInnis in the Gulf of Mexico when the encounter took place.”

Who needs a fucking weight belt when you’ve got big ol’ brass ones like this guy.  Some of his more badass quotes from the article:

“The shark made a roll and looked like it was going to charge us so I just went ahead and took the conservative route and put a shaft through its gills.”

“I didn’t want it to go on any longer than it had to. I shot the fish like I would do any other fish and worked it up closer and did my best to kill it as humanely as possible.”

“In the end we had put a knife its skull once I got lose enough to it and use a long blade knife even after trying to drown it.”

Notice how none of the quotes showed any concern for his own safety, just the task at hand of KILLING A TIGER SHARK UNDERWATER.  “Yeah I just had to kill this shark, no big whoop.”  This is hero shit right here.

More pictures and the full article .



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