Although it’s obviously too badass to be up for sale, this working concept, which will be on display at next week’s Cycle Show at Earls Court in London, is definitely real enough to make your fixed-gear bike cower like a little bitch somewhere.  From the Daily Mail:

Named the BOND (Built of Notorious Deterrents) Bike, the cycle is the creation of insurer ilovemybike.co.uk, which was inspired to build it after asking 800 cyclists to state their least favourite aspect of life on two wheels.

The flame-thrower was included as 52per cent of cyclists named ‘cars and lorries passing too close’ as their number one complaint.

So the bike’s handlebars are fitted with a specially-designed flame-thrower to fire towards vehicles that get too close.

A quarter cited poor road conditions such as potholes as a problem, so the bike is fitted with an all-terrain caterpillar track in place of its rear wheel.

With 7 per cent worried most about their bicycle being stolen, the bike is fitted with an ejector seat to catch out any thief that gets past a conventional lock.

Also, 2 per cent of respondents felt cold weather conditions were the most irksome aspect of cycling, so the bike carries a ski blade that can be interchanged with the front wheel.

Here’s a video of it in action: