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Bad Science In Movies

Sometimes for space-based movies to work, scientific accuracy is sacrificed for plotlines.  Fortunately, we have people like the gang over at io9 to keep painstaking track of these inaccuracies so we can have further evidence that Apollo 13 was awesome.

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  • Chewbacca

    This is really stupid. Obviously the based-on-a-real-NASA-mission movies don’t have lasers and aliens.

  • Christopher

    I did not know that lasers were “faster-than-light”. Perhaps that’s only when fired in glass houses . . ..

  • Allillgator

    Also virtually all of the sci-fi weapons called “lasers” aren’t actually L.A.S.E.Rs. They aren’t simply light beams, they are usually charged energy packets, and energy doesn’t have to move at the speed of light. Which is why they aren’t depicted as instantly connecting to their target. They travel under the speed of light because they aren’t just light weapons.

  • Allillgator

    But imagine if they filmed Apollo 13 without going through the effort of actually filming in zero G. They’d have that bad science of moving in slow motion in zero G at least. And they could EASILY have made the apollo 13 explosion much stupidly larger. And could perhaps have done Sound in Space.
    3 things right there they could have done stupid.

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