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“God Is Punishing Japan For Atheism” - This Retard

If you were looking for someone more despicable than Alexandra Wallace to hate today, here you go.

Update: She took her account down. Here’s one of the dozen copies.


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  • Tippycanoe

    You are a dirty whore and I hope you get hit by a train.

  • God

    You are fucking stupid.

  • Jfoobar

    If this is an act, she is committed to it. She has 41 uploaded videos and a sampling of them show them to be pretty much the same batshit religious psychobabble.

  • Bob

    Name: Pamela M Foreman

    Address: 15828 Hampton Village Dr

    Location: Tampa, FL 33618-1654

    Phone: 813-908-2330

    Household Members: Charles M Foreman”

  • skeef

    wtf? She a Christian? just asking…

  • Anonymous

    I find it sad that someone thought it was okay to call this evil mean spirited person retarded. What does retarded have to do with this crazy woman? Retarded doesn’t mean stupid. Stop using a word that mocks people with special needs. Way off base.

  • Anonymous

    what is she talking about anyway? they are buddists there, not aethists.

  • Anunaki

    Damm I love you keep the real faith alive!! I am with you 100%… Not…!!! Bitch you be crazy as fuck!! You should read the Bible as a whole not only certain sentences. Your one of the sickest people I have ever seen. To think that God just Killed over 11 000 people your dummber than a street whore!!

  • Suraymo2

    Japanese are not atheists. Oops. God make another big mistake.

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