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An animated alphabet, with each letter corresponding to the title of a popular film, for your guessing pleasure.

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Update: Cheat sheet after the jump.

A - Amelie

B - The Big Lebowski

C - Citizen Kane

D - Dr. No

E - Edward Scissorhands

F - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

G - The Godfather

H - The Hobbit

I - Inception

J - Jurassic Park

K - The King’s Speech

L - Lawrence of Arabia

M - My Neighbor Totoro

N - Night of the Living Dead

O - Once Upon a Time in the West

P - “Pulp Fiction”

Q - The Quick and the Dead

R - Rocky

S - Star Wars

T - Titanic

U - Up

V - Vertigo

W - The Wizard Of Oz

X - X-Men: First Class

Y - Yojimbo

Z - Zodiac