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Harding & Wilson: Bow Tie

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The production and packaging of a Harding & Wilson bow tie. Harding & Wilson | Via | Related: How To Tie A Bow Tie
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Hidden Pocket Ties

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Silk ties with a hidden pouch for your card/cash/condom carrying needs. Available here. ($85+) | Via

The Sparrows Uncuff Link

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. For the Bond moments in your life, from Sparrows Lock Picks:
Upon first glance, The Sparrows UNCUFF LINK appears to be a standard pair of cuff links. However, a covert, hidden handcuff key has been engineered in to the design. This concealed hand cuff key will to open almost all Standard Hand cuffs. It’s also designed to hold your French Cuffs closed. A must have for any international SPY or the average citizen looking for some styling carbon fiber inlaid cuff links that happen to open Hand cuffs.
Available here. ($59) | Via

Four Chamber Forge Vice Holsters

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For all your drinking-on-the-go needs.
Hand made top grain leather holster for a flask and a pack of cigarettes (or a cell phone). Snap closures keep everything secure. Holster is adjustable by the use of screw backed rivets, one size fits most. 6 oz stainless steel flask is included.
Available at Four Chamber Forge's Etsy shop. ($145) They have a smartphone/wallet option as well. ($170) | Via

Warby Parker: Where’s Waldo Glasses

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Warby Parker rededicates their  to Waldo:
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Waldo — explorer, escape artist, and all-around goofy dude. With his Twizzler-shaped body and round specs, Waldo reminds us of everything we loved about childhood: solving mysteries, looking at pictures, and watching adults do wacky things. To celebrate, we’ve rededicated the Monroe frame to our favorite adventurer. Grab a pair, don your brightest stripes, and see where it takes you.
The frames are available . ($95) | Via
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LeRoy Jenkins: Black Palms Jungle Snapback

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Hov went back to his "Hawaiian Sophie" roots at his SXSW Sync Show last night, which is still looping over on AMEX's YouTube channel. The LeRoy Jenkins Black Palms Jungle Snapback:  100% cotton LeRoy Jenkins hand selected floral fabric W/ polka dot lining. Six Panel ball cap Manufactured By Quintin Co. Los Angeles. Sold out at LeRoy Jenkins ($45.50).
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Paracord Bracelet w/ Hidden Handcuff Key

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The Utilitary Paracord Bracelet: Made of highly versatile and useful paracord. Hidden key in the buckle that will unlock most pairs of handcuffs. Available in Tac Black, Olive Drab, Multicam (pictured), Coyote Tan, and Burgundy. Available at Etsy ($20). | Via
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Mishka: Military Watches

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Defcon ($74) | Sovet ($74) | Via
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The Guy Fawkes Bandana

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For all of your "remembering the 5th of November" needs, by Matthew Borgatti:
After seeing protests erupt all over the world I wanted to make something that could change the game a little. I want people to be able to protest with OWS without the risk of being fired for showing solidarity. I wanted to make something useful, portable, something that could make the biggest difference to the most people. I came up with this mask. It's a foldable guy fawkes bandana that can be worn as a full or half face mask. It's printed with safe sane protesting advice about dealing with police, sharing your location, who to call in the event of legal troubles, and more.
For every bandana ordered, one will be sent to one of the Occupy branches worldwide. Available here ($16.50). | Via
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Human Time Project Watches

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Human Time Project adopts Blake Mycoskie's fantastic business model to provide a free watch to a Health Care worker that needs one for every watch purchased. You can get one here. ($95) | Via