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Last Night’s Show At The Comedy Cellar Was Pretty Good

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Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Marlon Wayans, and Bill Bellamy shared the Comedy Cellar stage last night, treating the lucky bastards in attendance to one hell of an impromptu performance. Questlove sums up the evening:
I once sat in on drums with Prince on bass, Sheila E on percussion, Frank Mcomb on keys, Rachelle Ferrell on vocals doing Stevie Wonder’s catalogue (who incidentally was also sitting in….with Joni Mitchell & Selma Hayek as our audience) and I *think* I might have felt as high as I did tonight. I was working on the other side of the world when suddenly I got a “get yo arse down here NOW!!!!!” text. Sure enough I made it just in time to see the best night ever at the comedy cellar: Hannibal was on 1st, then Chapelle did an amazing off the top bit about what life will be like in a South African jail with prosthetic legs…and the pope quitting his career too. & then the floodgates opened: Hart riffed on Spilling drinks on Hov then everyone got in a cipher doing a mini roast/dozens/lovefest about each other. It was honest to god like watching the comic version of “scenario” or “the symphony” jokes and punchlines were flying fast. Stories of way back when was told. And I had the best seat in the house (Dave told me to play piano….but I took the bench just to get a good view) amazing night watching #themaster5
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Chris Rock: Eddie & Me

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Chris Rock talks about how a chance encounter with Eddie Murphy led to his role in Beverly Hills Cop 2. TWIRISports | Via

Tom Hardy Rapping With A Baby

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Tom Hardy reciting KRS-One's "Hip Hop Vs. Rap" with a baby is your girlfriend's panties' reckoning. Via

“After Jules, I Became The Coolest [Expletive] On The Planet.”

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How Samuel L. Jackson Became His Own Genre
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“I Don’t Think There Needs To Be A Carrot Or A Stick. Both Of Those Things Sound Like Bizarre Metaphors.”

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Russell Brand adds abstinence-based drug treatment to his growing stockpile of articulate commentary. Brand continues :
"Celebrity, as we all know, is a vapid, vacuous, toxic concept used to distract people from what's actually important."

The Lindsay Lohan Face Morph

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How to age 60 years in 25 years. Via | Previously: Britney Spears

Hansel & The Prime Minister Of Malaysia

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Owen Wilson gets his picture taken with the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, by Zoolander co-star Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller | Via | Context

A Young Jon Stewart Moshing At A Dead Kennedys Show

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1982. Richmond, VA. Update: Not him. Stupid internet. Irish Willis Peele | Via

Steve Buscemi On 9/12/01

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With the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 coming up, here's a feel-good story about a badass actor doing his part without being a little fame whore about it. Today I learned on 9/12/01 Steve Buscemi (top left) showed up at Little Italy's Engine Company #55 (where he was a fire fighter from 1980-1984) to volunteer, working 12-hour shifts for a week looking for missing comrades. He reportedly refused to do interviews or have his picture taken, although it appears someone snapped off a shot anyway. Reddit