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Texts From Dog

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Texts From Dog (Tumblr) | Via

Super Mario Bros. Coin Block Lamp

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Complete with punchable on-off switch.

Available on Etsy. ($75) | Via

Pantone Pac-Man

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By Carmichael Lynch | Via

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Liquipel: Waterproofing Phones

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A Santa Ana start-up called Liquipel is offering a vapor treatment that applies a “nano coating” to your phone that will prevent it from being damaged from accidental exposure to liquids. I’ll let this 90’s style informercial show you how it works.

The Liquipel site states that there are currently 11 different kinds of phones (Apple iPhone 3G through 4S; HTC Evo 4G, Shift 4G, MyTouch 4G and Thunderbolt; Motorola Droid X and X2; and Samsung Charge) that can be treated for $59.

LA Times | Video: The Hairpin

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Truth Hurts

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Painful iPhone truths, in iPhone wallpaper form.

By Nico Ordozgoiti | Via

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Facebook’s Timeline Goes Live

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After being “dark launched” in July, Facebook has officially launched their social archaeology tool, Timeline, which displays the user’s updates, photos, friends, and any other actions they’ve done since becoming a member of the social network in a chronological manner. Gizmodo’s Sam Biddle seems to be a fan, while The Atlantic’s Rebecca Greenfield has some concerns. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know, in case watching a 1 1/2-minute video is too much for you.

Video: Facebook

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Retro Warfare

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Andrew continues his war against classic video game enemies.

AndrewMFilms | Via | Previously: Metal Slug IRL

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Facebook: The Gentlemen’s Rant

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Some Most things shouldn’t be shared.


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This Is The World’s First Camera Phone Photo

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On June 11, 1997, LightSurf Technologies founder Philippe Kahn took and transmitted this photo of his newborn daughter by jerry-rigging a digital camera and a phone, making it the world’s first “camera phone” photograph and inadvertently condemning the planet to a future filled with Duck Face photos.

Screw you, Philippe.


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If The New Facebook Was Honest

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Click to enlarge.

Happy Place

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