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Burgerto.me: San Francisco’s In-N-Out Delivery Service

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Todd Eichel and Loren Cheung introduce their TaskRabbit-powered app, Burgerto.me, which delivers items from In-N-Out’s menu to you for a flat fee of $10.

Burgerto.me is powered by TaskRabbit. After you place your order, a nearby TaskRabbit will be assigned to your delivery (usually within a minute). The assigned TaskRabbit will contact you via text message to confirm your order and delivery info, pick up your order, and deliver it to you.

The average In-N-Out delivery takes less than an hour. During peak lunchtime hours, deliveries may take longer.

If you live in San Francisco, you can start making orders here.


The Agilite IPC (Injured Personnel Carrier)

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A hands-free method of carrying wounded individuals, from Agilite Tactical Gear:

The IPC is Agilite’s latest breakthrough, designed to efficiently carry the most important load you will ever carry-an injured friend.

The IPC, which is intended to replace the fireman’s carry, allows you to carry an injured or otherwise incapacitated person comfortably like a backpack. Designed by Agilite in conjunction with Israeli Army Special Forces, the IPC allows the wearer to evacuate a wounded person and keep their hands completely free to operate a weapon or navigate difficult terrain.

Practical not just for the military, the IPC allows you to carry an injured fellow hiker long distances in a way that is more comfortable than any existing method, both for the carrier and the evacuee.

Available at . ($79.95) | Via


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From Red-Dot:

DEWS is an upstanding toothbrush that incorporates a weight within its rounded handle base to keep the bristles away from dirty surfaces.

DEWS does away with concerns about whether your toothbrush is resting on an unhygienic surface. This upstanding toothbrush makes use of a weight at the end of its rounded handle to create a centre of gravity at the handle base. When the toothbrush is set down, it will sway momentarily until it reaches a position of balance – much like a tumble doll.  DEWS has been designed with ergonomic considerations, and its weight allows for comfortable brushing.

File this under “shit that should have been made a long time ago”.