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Snurk: Astronaut Bedding

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Available here. (59,95 € /$80.62) | Via

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Hidden Pocket Ties

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Silk ties with a hidden pouch for your card/cash/condom carrying needs.

Available here. ($85+) | Via

The Wavecave

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A surfboard bag and tent, combined into one neat package for surf excursions.

Available here. (£162/$260 - £198/$317) | Via

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The Carabiner Mug

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From Cool Material’s Online Shop:

The Carabiner Mug is the ideal traveling companion. Instead of stopping to dig out a cup from your backpack while you’re camping or are on the road, simply use the Carabiner Mug. Its D-ring handle makes it perfect to clamp onto a belt loop or to your bag. The double wall stainless steel mug is ideal for your next parched adventure.

Available here. ($14)

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The Leatherman Raptor For Uniformed Medics

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Leatherman has announced the Spring 2013 release of the Raptor, a pair of 420HC stainless steel medical shears combined with “a carbine glass breaker, a ring cutter, a ruler, an oxygen tank wrench and strap cutters that can be deployed one-handed.”


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A wine sippy cup, for staying super classy on the go.

Available here. ($15.99) | Via

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The Sparrows Uncuff Link

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For the Bond moments in your life, from Sparrows Lock Picks:

Upon first glance, The Sparrows UNCUFF LINK appears to be a standard pair of cuff links. However, a covert, hidden handcuff key has been engineered in to the design. This concealed hand cuff key will to open almost all Standard Hand cuffs. It’s also designed to hold your French Cuffs closed. A must have for any international SPY or the average citizen looking for some styling carbon fiber inlaid cuff links that happen to open Hand cuffs.

Available here. ($59) | Via

The Nike Studio Wrap

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Five shoes in one:

With the rise of studio-type workouts from yoga and pilates to the ballet-inspired barre, women are getting fit in their bare feet more than ever.

It’s great that women get to use their feet to bend, flex, squat, rotate, push and pull, but bare feet have some limits. First, uncovered feet are not always allowed in gyms and studios for hygienic purposes. Also, the bare foot can sometimes slip right in the midst of the most Zen moments. Socks slip too, and while socks with sticky grip on the bottom seem like the obvious solution, they can also scrunch up, move around and aren’t always the most flattering to walk around in.

This is exactly why Nike created something they’ve never done before.

A better-than-barefoot experience in a three-part footwear system (wrap, ribbon and flat), the Nike Studio Wrap was designed to give women an elevated workout in the studio that takes them back to their daily lives in style.

There’s no sweaty or slippery feet, no bunched up socks, and even with a bad pedicure, people won’t be looking at your toes with this sexy silhouette.

Best of all, there’s a mesh bag to keep things organized and so women can throw the wrap and ribbon in the wash together. Everything is delivered in a premium drawer-like box.

Available in Spring 2013 for around $110.


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The Bicymple

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The bicycle, simplified.

By Scalyfish Designs. (Price TBD) | Via

Oru: The Origami Kayak

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A suitcase-sized box to a high-performance kayak in under 5 minutes.

More info here. | Via

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